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Pediatric Chiropractic in Weymouth

Many people wonder, why would a child need to see a chiropractor? Since we keep the nervous system functioning at their highest potential, anyone can benefit from chiropractic, regardless of their age. Though our purpose in removing nervous system interference is the same for kids or adults, our approach with our youngest patients is much different.

Bumps, Falls and Accidents

As your baby grows up, becomes a toddler and enters childhood, there are numerous accidents they encounter. As a result, your child may get subluxations, which will interfere with their nervous system function. We can keep the nervous system operating at its highest potential.

Since your nervous system orchestrates your child development, interference in this system can alter their full potential. Naturally, every parent wants their child to have every opportunity to grow properly and hit all their milestones at the right times.


Is chiropractic safe for children?

When you think of chiropractic, you might think that a child is adjusted in the same manner as an adult. Rest assured that we adapt what we do to each patient’s age and condition. We’ll take a gentle approach to your child’s care.

Does chiropractic help with colic?

Chiropractic is not a treatment for any condition or disease. If there is interference called a subluxation in the nervous system, the body can’t function properly. We can’t know whether your child is affected by subluxation until we give them a thorough examination.
Does my child need to prepare for their visit in any special way?

No. We recommend that they wear normal, comfortable clothing, but other than that there is no particular preparations.

Will I need to fill out paperwork?

Yes. We’ll have you fill out some forms on your child’s behalf when you arrive for your first appointment with us.

What if my child feels nervous about seeing a chiropractor?

If a parent or sibling is already our patient, we recommend you bring your child in to their appointments. They’ll be able to observe what occurs and feel familiar with our staff and environment. A fun kid’s adjusting table is available that children usually can’t wait to lie on. We’ll never force them to do anything they’re not ready for.

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